Get in on the ground floor and grow your wealth with us

A convertible note that pays 10.0%p.a.* interest in quarterly instalments, with the opportunity to convert into a shareholder of Black Robin.


Now Open

For wholesale and eligible investors only

From the Founders:

This is a special Offer and one that we will not offer again.

We have decided to release to external investors a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in Black Robin’s parent company.

We are pleased to present the opportunity to invest in our parent company Black Robin Equity Limited. This Kiwi owned and operated company owns the majority stake in all our current and future property development projects, and is the entity in which we accumulate our wealth as the founders of Black Robin. 

As an investor, you initially receive a 10.0% per annum* return on your investment paid quarterly. 

Upon becoming a shareholder in Black Robin Equity Limited, you hold the same class of shares as Black Robin’s founders, and share in the returns from all our property development profits – as Black Robin grows, so does the value of your investment.

We’re all here for the same thing – to grow our wealth and secure our financial future.

The sky’s the limit and we’re only getting started. 

Here's to big dreams and

Black Robin.

The Offer

*An investment into our parent company Black Robin Equity Limited via a convertible note that pays interest of 10.0% per annum quarterly in arrears for a three year term, subject to the terms and conditions contained in our Offer documents,.

On maturity, the Noteholder has the option to convert into ordinary shares in Black Robin Equity Limited, or receive repayment of their initial investment.



Minimum Investment



3 Years

Total capital to be raised


with $750,000 in  oversubscriptions at the discretion of the Directors

Offer fees passed onto the investor


A Black Robin Nest Egg

Our difference


We’re on your side

Our Leadership team combines over 100+ years of personal and professional investment experience – we’ve seen it all.

Our success will be your success.


We provide cashflow

We understand how important it is for an investor to have cashflow in addition to capital returns. We intend to pay quarterly interest on the convertible notes at 10.0% p.a.


We have the experience

Our capability spans all property asset classes and we have completed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property transactions.


We've personally invested

We’ve put our own money into our developments.


We pay your fees

Fees associated with the offer process do not affect investor return.


We care

Our mission is to provide quality homes to New Zealanders and provide the opportunity for Kiwis to participate in the returns we generate from our property developments.

This is our home too.


Our namesake, the Black Robin, is famed for its inspiring recovery from the brink of extinction in the early 1980s. As part of continuing efforts, we are in talks with conservationists about donations towards the on-going preservation of the Black Robin.

Watch this space!


The Founding Team

Wayne Bailey

Independent Director

David Wigmore

Managing Director

Shaun Glasgow

Executive Director

Jasmine Yao

Head of Investor Relations

Lisa Partis

General Manager

Lloyd Parrant

Independent Director