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Offer open to wholesale investors only

McKenzies Shute Limited
Class A Shares

Investors receive up to 9.95% p.a. (less DWT) paid as quarterly dividends in arrears, plus a share of potential development profits once the project is complete.

Minimum Investment


Investment Term

Est. 12 months

Minimum Equity to be Raised


The Offer

Black Robin proudly presents an offer of Class A shares in McKenzies Shute Limited.

This development of three alpine villas is nestled in the majestic landscape of Queenstown, in the suburb of Jack’s Point.

McKenzies Shute Limited is seeking to raise a minimum of $2M but may offer up to $5M of Class A shares.

At completion, the directors intend to return your initial investment along with a share of the potential profits from the development.

Property development carries inherent risks (as do all financial products) which may affect performance of this investment. For more information about the risks, please refer to section 7 of the Information Memorandum.

Minimum Investment


Dividend Yield

Up to 9.95% p.a. (less DWT)


Profit share

Investment Type

Equity investment in land

McKenzies Shute Limited may, at the discretion of the directors, seek a listing on the Catalist Public Market and in so doing extend the offer of Class A shares to retail investors using the Catalist platform.

Want to invest in McKenzies Shute Limited?

Qualifying investors may request our full Information Memorandum and accompanying documents.

A Black Robin investment is different

We’re on your side

Our leadership team combines over 100+ years of personal and professional investment experience – we’ve seen it all. Our success will be your success.

We pay dividends

We understand how important it is for an investor to have cashflow. We intend to pay quarterly dividends on the Class A shares at 9.95% p.a. (less DWT), subject to compliance with the Companies Act 1993.

We have the know-how

Our capability spans all property asset classes and we have completed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property transactions.

We share our profits

We share the potential development profits with Class A shareholders at the completion of the development.

We offer reinvestment

Investors have the ability to reinvest their quarterly dividends during the term of the investment to enhance their returns.


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